3 million years of Earth Temperatures

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Technology is moving at a very fast pace, but we are still representing data as tables, static graphs and infographics that don’t create an impact to the population at large. Excluding the scientific and educational communities, to the common man information should be displayed in an entertaining manner. This project set out to fulfil this goal by using known technologies from d3js, design guidelines, CSS3 animations, HTML5 elements to real scientific data from the United States National Climate Data Center. The final product is a one page web application displaying Bintanja and van de Wal 2008 report of 3,000,000 Years Global Temperatures according to Ice Volume (δ18O). The data was plotted using D3js, made interactive with JavaScript and laid out using Twitter Bootstrap. What can be concluded is that it is possible to create interactive content with current technologies, but the process is still only achievable after extensive study of the technologies involved. Further development has to be made for data interactive tools to become easier to use and to produce large scale interactive web applications involving data display and analysis.

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